Caravan and Motor Home Carpets

At A Cut Above, we specialise in bespoke carpeting for motor homes and caravans.

Instead of flying to other side of the world for a break, a number of people in the UK are choosing to purchase caravans. Although it is possible to purchase a static model, mobile caravans are a popular choice as they offer the freedom of exploring different counties or countries without being tied to a single location.

With people constantly walking in and out of caravans, it is hugely important to have a durable yet comfortable carpet. At A Cut Above, we know a good carpet can be just the thing you need under your tired feet after a long day of exploration.

Bespoke Motorhome Interiors

A number of people like to use a motorhome to go on road trips of visit destinations in the British Isles. Due to the extensive travelling that these vehicles generally do, it is likely that the original, standard carpets will wear away fairly quickly. Don’t worry, we are able to replace these with bespoke carpets that we guarantee will stand the test of time and can be customised to suit your style.

Fitted Caravan Carpet

Mobile caravans can expect to see a lot of travel during their time. Most have the addition of awning, where people are able to remove their shoes, this means that you need to walk around your caravan barefoot without protection. For this reason, it’s important to have a soft carpet that is kind to your feet.

A number of older caravans use laminate floors as they are easy to clean and maintain, however, it these floors are often hard and cold, meaning they’re very uncomfortable to stand on. We can solve this problem for you and replace your cold, unwelcoming flooring with a soft, warm carpet.

Removable Carpets

Having a carpet that can easily be removed is of utmost importance. When caravanning in the UK, there can be a lot of rain, resulting in the site getting muddy. Although you can do your best to prevent the spread of mud indoors, it can be hard to avoid completely. Having the ability to clean any dirt off your carpet by ensuring there is an easy method of removal makes this process much easier.

Colour Matched Carpets

When using your home away from home, it is hugely important to have accommodation that is enjoyable to stay in. It is surprising how much a pleasant interior can increase your caravans appeal, which is why we specialise in ensuring your carpet matches your chosen colour scheme. Not only will it look great, but it will also provide a comfort level that hard floor options just can’t achieve.

Custom Embroidery

Another way to ensure your caravan is more visually stimulating is by having an embroidery included on your carpet. This can be fully customised to meet your specifications, ensuring that your personality has the chance to shine through your mobile home.

Bespoke Carpets for Motorhomes and Caravans

We can cater to all different kinds of motorhomes and caravans, ensuring you get a carpet that is best suited to your needs. It doesn’t matter how large or small your vehicle is, we are able to work with the highest quality materials every time.


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